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Many people seeking out Alexander teachers do so because of some sort of pain.

Pain can be a warning signal. An Alexander teacher aims to show you how harmoniously and efficiently your body can work. This has the effect of building up what is called a pupil's "sensory register" - meaning that you get more sensitive to wear and tear or damage, thus strengthening your own inner protective mechanism.

Instead of treating localised symptoms, the whole balance mechanism is strengthened which then supports the recovery of local injury.

The Technique is essentially for prevention - to bring practical knowedge to daily living, keeping fit, any sport or artistic performance, leading to confidence and satisfaction, and, much more likely, lack of pain and injury.

My experience of teaching has included, amongst other things:

  • Assisting a pupil to recover from surgery after major riding accident
  • Re-educating a pupil to walk after a leg fracture
  • Several cases of re-educating pupils, some of them musicians, whose fingers had ceased to work properly or had become numb
  • Helping a pupil recover from the effects of a mastectomy
  • Many cases of unspecific back pain, where the use of their backs needed re-educating
  • Assisting people to use their wrists and arms better to overcome so-called “repetitive strain injury”.
  • Whiplash injury - a pupil made good progress after a double whiplash accident


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