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All musicians hope to sustain a musical career without injury. But many who do struggle against irritating discomfort and disabling pain, take drugs to be able to perform. Others have injuries that threaten their careers.

It is unfortunately often only when that last stage is reached that they find their way to Alexander teachers.

But the Alexander Technique is becoming part of the basic training in many of the major schools of music in the world – and its aim is to provide the practical experience the trainee musician needs to prevent such career-threatening injuries developing.

However it is far more than that, for the quality of sound produced by a musical instrument, or the timbre of a singing voice, is influenced, for better or for worse, by the quality of the way the musician uses their bodies in approaching how they play their instruments, or sing. This relationship between themselves and their instruments is one of extreme refinement.

The Alexander Technique is a method involving the understanding and practise of such refinement in human balance.

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