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A good “seat” is the basis of horsemanship. Through lessons in the Alexander Technique riders can learn how their postural support system works to free their arms and legs to give clear and subtle “aids” to the horse. This must be put into practice during all gaits of the horse, which means that there is a great demand on the rider’s postural mechanism. The rider, by getting a good “seat”, aims to interfere with the horse’s movement as little as possible.

Horses are extremely sensitive creatures. They will pick up and respond to everything the rider is communicating, including the rider’s own postural twists and insecurities, even as far as causing injury to the horse, in the long term. A good integrated “seat” in the rider therefore helps the horse to be integrated and healthy and promotes calmness and willingness.

For more information: Riding and the Alexander Technique by Daniel Pevsner F.B.H.S

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