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Chiropractics and Osteopathy:

Very often, chiropractors and osteopaths tell their patients that they must start to exercise to maintain an adjustment or manipulation, to prevent their symptoms returning.

It is common nowadays that, at that stage, patients are referred to qualified teachers of the Alexander Technique.

This is because the cause of the problem, or at least a contributory factor, is often the patients’ own unconscious habitual way of using their bodies.

Any programme of exercises runs the risk of making the situation worse – if the patients’ own unconscious habitual way of using their bodies is faulty. Faulty habits, once established, can be the cause of the wear and tear, actually producing the symptoms that are being treated. Unless the faulty habits are dealt with, the problem will not be overcome, and the patient will experience the return of the symptoms.

The job of the Alexander teacher is to assist their pupils (since re-education is what is needed) to get the experience of recovering a more efficient use of their bodies and to repeat that experience until a new and better habit is established. At that point an unwanted symptom disappears because the old habit is not producing the symptom.

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