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The Alexander Technique is a unique method of self-help:


You can come for private lessons in the Alexander Technique because you have pain or other symptoms of dysfunction, or you are not happy with your posture or breathing or general state of health.

These troubles can come about because of wrong habits of using our bodies in our daily lives. Lessons in the Technique enable us to re-experience and re-learn how efficiently and well our bodies can work so that these habits, which have become normal to us, can be changed for the better.

You can come for lessons as an investment in self-improvement – to avoid the back troubles, stresses, and debilitating mental and emotional states to which so many of us are subject, and which cost so much.

You might be a horse rider, actor, musician, or need to improve how you look after yourself at work.

Alexander Technique teaches us a lot about what being well should consist of.

To really appreciate the Technique you need to experience it.
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Steven Hallmark is a member of “Alexander Technique Education” (www.ate.org.au ), has been an Alexander teacher since 1983, and has been training Alexander teachers since 2000.

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