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Stockholm Alexander Teacher Training Course - is closed for the time being.
(Stockholms Alexanderlärarutbildning)

After many years of teaching, I was authorised in 1997 by The Society of Teachers of Alexander Technique (UK) and in 2009 by Alexander Technique Education (Australia) to train others to be Alexander teachers.

To qualify as a professional teacher of the Alexander Technique, you must study for at least 1600 teaching hours over a period of at least three years.

This course is the first of its kind in Sweden; it took its first students in 2000.

Students have come from Sweden, Finland, Austria, Ireland, Israel, and England.

At least 80% of the study is practical, aiming to raise the standard of the student’s mastery of the technique for their own benefit, until they get to the point when they can successfully guide members of the public. The rest of the course is given to studying books written by F.M Alexander, Walter Carrington, Professor Raymond Dart and others, as well as basic anatomy (given by Assistant Head of Training Barbro Hallmark).

The training is open to anyone over the age of twenty (though it is unusual to take anyone that young). The main requirement is that applicants should have had a course of private lessons. Anyone who is interested in training is usually invited to an interview and to spend a day in the school.

The school can make no guarantee of work, but interest in the Technique is growing in Sweden as its benefit is demonstrated to the public.

Please ask for any information about hours of study, course content, and fees or apply by phoning 08-6519552 or by mailing info@stevenhallmark.com

Steven Hallmark info@stevenhallmark.com 08-651 95 52
Drottningholmsvägen 19 1tr, 112 42 Stockholm, Sweden